Hanging With Friends Update Problems with Version 4.03

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Zynga released v4.03 of Hanging With Friends last night. We’re seeing some problems ourselves, and some of our users are reporting problems as well:

  • Hanging With Friends will not start for me, even after a reboot, after I installed 4.03
  • Hanging With Friends crashes while loading games after installing 4.03
  • Hanging with Friends hangs on black screen after launching the newest update from iTunes

Here are the features that the iTunes page lists as new in 4.03:

  • Eliminate missing tiles on the tile rack.
  • Improve battery drain.
  • Improvements to Tutorials.
  • Now easier to use Shake to shuffle.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Let us know what’s going on with you and Hanging With Friends.  Are you having any problems with the new update?


  • the value of new words created does not add on the existing score properly – the new word value is deducted and then added in making a zero increase in the score.

  • I installed the update yesterday and now I have old games back opened but they show that I’m waiting on the other person to solve them. I also can’t play any new games because it says I have to many active games. Grrr

  • My games just will not open arrrrg

  • Watching your opponent play no longer shows the correct letters that were selected. The word line stays blank.

  • The game keeps crashing after dl-ing the new update. I can’t even get to any of the game boards without the app crashing

    • Me too…how did you fix this?

  • It shows when I pick a correct letter, but doesn’t show the position/where it is in the word

  • When playing hanging with friends on both my iPhone and iPad, the game does not update on the other device. That is not a problem with words with friends. I find this problem MOST ANNOYING!

  • Installed the new upgrade and now my game is stuck on the “Hang tight, we’re loading your games.” screen….has been like this for two days!!

  • worked great until the update, now it just crashes. i love the game so it sucks that i can’t get it to load past the hang tight screen. please fix soon!! =(

  • The coin count does not increase when I earn 200 points

  • When uninstalling so I could reinstall (per Zynga instructions) I went to the App store only to find the paid version is no longer in th App store. Now what?

    • Sorry, we have no solution. We looked too and it appears to be gone. There is no mention of why or even that it was done on any of the Zynga properties (Facebook, Twitter, Websites, etc.). We’ll let you know as soon as we hear something. We posted a quick blurb about it in the News section, so maybe other users can chime in if they know anything.

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  • As soon as I hit watch it disconnects!! It’s very frustrating!!

  • I want to find an old game that got deleted 2 days ago

  • Cannot get into market- cannot get into my games. It says my password is wrong (it is not) and I am forced to go to the market page. Also says I am typing the captchas wrong (again, I am not) VERY frustrating!!!

  • Every time I reload onto a new devise, it does not recognize my password. Instead of changing it everytime, is there another way.

  • My screen went black and won’t let me play, how do I fix this?

  • Every time I go to enter a game, it cancels. I cannot even start a game or answer someone else’s game because the app completely quits on me.

  • Even after I reboot and reinstall “Hangin with Friends” Game, I still cannot play because the screen is too far over to the right if the screen and I cannot see the letter tiles to play the game. Please fix it! I miss my games with my friends!

  • After upgrading, when I hit the Play button, the graphics shift off screen to the right and it doesn’t allow me to see or select letters to play a word. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it is still broken. I cannot play.

  • Same as Zeda reported. Ever since the update, I cannot solve the word my opponent chose because the tiles are shifted to the right off screen. Basically I’m in limbo with this app – it is a dead weight right now.

  • Same as Pat when I tap watch screen goes back to menue page

  • I can’t play words with friends since the update a few days ago. It keeps updating constantly . I get notification that my opponents have made a move but when I open the AP, the update runs for a few minutes then I get the ‘server is busy’ message and then the moves and messages from my opponents disappear before the game can open. Very frustrating

  • I have several games pending and had no problems pulling up the games until recently. Now all of a sudden I access the screen that has my hangin with friends list and click on the game. It starts to load the first game on the list and the play board comes up black for about a second then the screen flashes the current game then immediately drops back to my home screen. It just won’t let me play anymore. I have rebooted more than once. Since my iPhone is a brand new 4s and I am not having any issues with any other app, I assume it’s your app. Please help me fix the problem.

    • Me too…have you had a response?

  • Had free vesion and was sent up date but now will not open. Purchase version same problem what’s up with the app

  • An update was pushed to my phone and it said it would require a restart. Once the update started all my app has done for hours is continue to look for updates.

    I deleted the app, reinstalled the purchased app (I was using the free one) and it is still doing the same thing.

    I’ve rebooted the phone several times, connected to iTunes…nothing is working. HWFs is still spinning. WWF is working fine. Everything was fine until the update was forced.

    It is also popping up occasionally that the server is busy…

    What can I do?

    • Susan, I have the same problem, and if you ever figure it tell how you solved it, because
      mine goes from looking for updates then to
      updating… this make take a few minutes
      then it closes the app
      so if any one knows how to solve this problem please reply here
      greatly appreciated

      • Same thing is going on with me, I opened a ticket with the help desk. I haven’t been able to use my account all day. I can play with a new account, but I want to play the one linked to my facebook. Every time I log into that one, the app crashes. Highly annoying.

  • I am experiencing the same problem you described John. An update was pushed to my phone this evening, I pressed OK Now when phone opens the app it goes from “looking for updates”, loads my current games, then “updating…this may take a few minutes” and then closes the app. My WWF is working fine as are all my other apps. I have tried numerous times to reboot, uninstall then reboot, reinstall, reboot, softboot (as described in app’s Customer Support)…NOTHING works and I am at a loss!
    If anyone can help resolve this problem please do so :)) thanks

  • To Susan and John I have the same problem, it’s so frustrating. Grrrrrrr

  • my HWF has been looking for updates since yesterday (1/7/12) now when i go to open it, it continues to look for updates, will load my game, then closes itself. I have retarded my iphone and nothing seems to be working.

  • yes, so if I ever get it to work or any of you do please be sure to post back in here
    it would be greatly appreciated

  • Mine is doing that same thing. Did anyone find a solution to it? It is really frustrating.

  • Still no Hanging with Friends resolution. Woke today hoping to find the game working properly. It is obviously their issue and it hasn’t been addressed.

    I do not recall being asked to accept the update…it was pushed to my phone and my instructions were that I would need to restart the app. And that the updates could take a few minutes.

    I thought for sure if I deleted the free app and installed the purchased app it would solve the problem…wrong.

    Scramble with Friends, Words with Friends, and all other personal apps are working fine. Sure wish they would get this sorted out.

    Not sure how to put in a ticket at the Help desk…that could be beneficial since I question whether they are reading our posts here (since nothing has been done to rectify the issue!).

  • Funny, on December 12th Gail had this same issue with her WWF, “I can’t play words with friends since the update a few days ago. It keeps updating constantly. I get notification that my opponents have made a move but when I open the AP, the update runs for a few minutes then I get the ‘server is busy’ message and then the moves and messages from my opponents disappear before the game can open.”

    This is exactly what is happening with my Hanging with Friends now.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Wonder if they ever solved Gail’s issue? Gail, are you out there?

  • The HWF HelpDesk site offers this advise if your application continues to crash:

    If the application is not loading up all of the way or is shutting down unexpectedly, do the following:
    •Restart your phone by turning off the power and turning the power back on. Try the app again.
    •Remove the application from your device by holding the icon and clicking the X that appears. Restart your phone. Reinstall the application and try to open it again.
    •Contact us so a player advocate can assist you with the issue. Please advise us that you have performed these basic troubleshooting steps. If you have the info handy, also provide your device model (iPhone 3, 4s, iPod Touch, or iPad) and exact iOS version number (found in Settings>General>About).

    I did two of the above items and it didn’t fix the issue…so, now it’s time to contact them…but how do you do that??????

    • Hi Susan,
      I’m having the same problem. Troubleshooting didn’t work and step 3 seems impossible. Looking forward to some resolution, cause the game is really fun.

      Suppose we just keep checking in here?

  • Same thing happening to me I uninstalled the reinstalled it twice, them I bought the game and it’s still happening!!!

  • I have a Hanging with Friends problem like has been talked about above. We bought 3 new iPod touch for the kids at Christmas. They all are running iOS 5.0.1. The words with friends version is 4.13. One of the iPod touches won’t load. Have removed the app, powercycled, downloaded app, power cycled, then ran the app. The app starts up, starts to download 413 files, then says welcome back and asks if I want to associate with the existing account. After the association of the account it downloads some more files and crashes. Start again and then crash. This is repeated over and over again.

    Should I not associate with an exiting account?

  • I have re-installed again, this time associating with email and not Facebook. The way I did this was to say no to associating existing account and let it update the files much like I said I my last post. the app will work now and she can get to her friends. I would still like to get the Facebook working so the friends can find her.

    We also tried to reinstall again with Facebook and the app won’t load. So it appears to have an issue with this account on Facebook and the app. Could this be solved by removing the app from Facebook and reinstalling from scratch? It is hard to know where the failure is happening. It would also be nice to be able to switch between email and Facebook without reinstalling.

  • I think one workaround is to create a new account after re=installing it
    but i don’t want to throw out everything that i ahve done and the games that i have with my friends
    and whose to say it wont happen again

  • mine is back up and running I guess making a work ticket helps?

  • back to the crap again:(

  • I’ve had the same problem as you all. The best solution is to wait it out until a message pops up that says ” we’ve repaired a problem with you app. Just re install. So delete the app, re install it and it’s as good as new! All your games will still be there

  • It appears that mine is working again. I am new to this iPad 2 and apps in general. I followed the instructions and uninstalled the paid app that I had but now all I can get is the free version, how do I get my paid version back?

  • I can’t delete a lot of games.This girl has taken over 13 games and is not playing them.
    I tried holding down the game and running my finger from right to left,not working.
    Can anyone help me.Thank you.Janice

  • I have been noticing that not only am I not getting my coins added to my pile when i score the 200 mark but my total coin balance is dropping almost every other game out of no where and i’m not using any lifelines! This is horrific!!! I’m trying to accumulate coins to customize my shit but now i cant even do that!!!!! Ggggrrrrrr!!!!!!!

    Any news?? Comments??

  • I have an Android phone. I installed Hanging with Friends this morning. It’s been working all day. Now it hangs on a black screen when trying to load and never loads.

  • I’ve played this game for awhile and have enjoyed. Until a while ago. I opted 20 coins to reveal letters in the game. It took the coins and didn’t give me what I purchased with them. Something is wrong with the game. I’ve never had a problem like this, I have always enjoyed. Is the company working to fix the problem? I hope, if not you will be having a lot of complaints because there are alot of people playing.

  • Word with Friends does not open, I uninstalled and installed as per your instructions, now I get the flash page, the word DONE on the bottom of the screen and my scroll bar starts to click and go up, then I get multiple word tabs created (at least 5 to 8) and multiple About.Blank tabs created (at least 5 to 8), When this happens I have no other options but rebooting the computer. Whatever enhancements you made to this version really screwed this up.

  • Just installed update and now I cannot make a move–the tiles don’t show up–only the very tips of the 4 most top right tiles show. Theyre positioned in the bottom left, I can’t see any of the other tiles.

  • I cant get my kindle fire to let me play

  • My Hanging with Friends updated and now when it is my turn to build a word, you can see where your letters should be at the bottom, but they are not there, so you cannot build a word. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling, and it is still doing it. I am getting really frustrated because I have several games going, but I cannot play them!

    • Mine is doing the exact same thing!! Have u resolved the problem yet?

    • I have got the same problem. Have you found a solution yet? I have deleted and reinstalled but no luck.

    • Mine too! Any resolution yet?

  • The correct letters for my opponent did not show up so they could correctly guess my word….
    The word I was drawing for was “ALONE” and the letters it gave were “KFGKCNQSTWWX”
    I took a screenshot of it, just to make sure I wasn’t crazy….
    Has this happened to anyone else?

    • I put this on the wrong board…. It wasn’t hanging with friends. my bad I’m sorry for the confusion

  • I updated to new app, but now no letter choices show up on the “play” screen!

  • the letters to build my word are not showing up. how do i fix this? where are my letters?

  • I am not able to rematch anyone anymore.Shortly after I hit the rematch button I am sent back to the main menu and it says “Searching for Opponent. Feel free to…”. Its been doing this for a few days now and I have tried to reinstall the game but that didn’t work. It is not because I have too many active games because I currently only have about 10. Has anyone else had this problem and what do you think i should do?

    • I also have the same problem as matt and so does my girlfriend. We can’t create or Starr a new game. Is this due to the latest update or could it be due to not having iOS4? This has been happening for 2 days now. Once my games are finished I won’t b able to play anymore.

    • Having the exact same issue. Can anyone help??

  • Will not allow rematch or any games!

  • I cannot rematch anyone either. Also I was playing a game and had two gallons left, I guessed the word correctly and the game says sorry you lost do you want to rematch? And of course I can’t.

  • Hanging with friends will not let me create a new game! What do I do?

  • An update has been posted for iOS. You can download it via App Store. 4.17 fixes the issue with not being able to start new games using Rematch.

    HWF Admin

  • I just got played the word “maxed” but it is not in for dictionary but it works on ‘Hanging with friends’
    you might want to check this out.

  • I love this game but it won’t let me play. How much longer before it’s fixed? Soon I hope!!!

  • Cannot get out of the message screen…somebody sends me a message nthen cannot get back into the game screen…I have to delete and reinstall

  • My username no longer shows up on my game of hanging with friends. HELP!

  • My Hanging with Friends app will not open, it goes to the loading screen and then takes me back to my home page, can this be fixed???

  • I bought some coins and I cannot use them on all the helps

  • I had problems as described above, had a black loading screen on any game I clicked on, this froze the app and I reinstalled 6-7 times over a few weeks. Suddenly it works fine, my issues were solved. How? Idk. ** noticed connecting through FB caused problems every time, so I’ve only signed in with my email, and write down any FB opponents. Keeping one more app out of the loop seems to work.

  • Update won’t work on my htc wildfire s, just keeps going back to home screen, please fix

  • The letters I discard, disappear and I have to close app put and re open it.
    It happens 80% of the time and just in the past couple months.
    What do I do?

  • My game is stuck on an add

  • I have a 3.0 phone and the new version will not update. Says I have to have a 4.0 phone. The little screen that tells me about the new version has a way to download but no way to make the message disappear. Thus, it won’t let me play the old version. I would love to update, but if I can’t, does this mean I can’t play this till I buy a new phone? The message telling of the new app has no X to click on to make the message go away. I love this game. What’s wrong???

  • use HWF on iPad and my Galaxy S4 outside of fb only sign in with email. Has worked fine on both platforms until 08/08/13 now won’t load on S4 but is working on iPafd, have deleted and reloaded 3 times on phone to no avail. I can start new games on phone but no records of previous games load and every time I attempt to start the game on phone it says its updating this may take a few minutes, according to the app it is version 4.89, the store icon and profile icon show but the other 2 (can’t remember what they are) just sit there spinning WHAT GIVES Zynga!!!!

  • Since my update … It wont open. Just keeps going back to the homepage :-(

  • My screen is black with a continual loading icon. I have not loaded the update.

  • The new update is a big disappointment. First I lost all my games with existing players. I lost the 400+ coins I had earned. Also it wont let me switch the different avatars and balloons I have earned. That wad half thefun.

  • my screen goes black when I try to open the app since the update. please tell me how to fix this. very frustrating. grrr:(((

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