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Continuing to expand its “With Friends” brand, Zynga has released “Hanging With Friends” in the Canadian App store. Just like the other games within this franchise, Hanging With Friends incorporates a wide variety of social apps and features while playing the classic game of Hangman. The game allows you to run 20 games simultaneously, while utilizing Facebook Connect to find other friends to play or a nice random opponent feature.

A new element to this updated version is the usage of Instant Replay, which allows you to watch your opponent struggle to figure out their word. Embracing concepts from “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, lifelines have become a new wrinkle in the game. Hanging With Friends is out now in the Canadian App Store for $0.99 and will be released in other international markets soon.

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Hanging With Friends Cheat

Hanging With Friends Cheat is an unofficial fan site for the game Hanging With Friends. You can use the Hanging With Friends Word Builder to help you build a word from the 12 letters at the beginning of your turn. Build difficult words for your opponent to try and solve. You can also use the Hanging With Friends Solver to solve for the word on your turn. Choose the number of letters in the word and enter the free first vowel that Hanging With Friends gives you. Hit the submit button and the Hanging With Friends Word Builder will show a results table with all possible words. The Word Solver also show which letter you should guess next, by showing how ofter each letter shows up in all the possible words. You won't find this feature on any other sites. You can also use the Hanging With Friends Dictionary to search and see if a word you want to play is valid and is found in the Hanging With Friends Dictionary.

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