Hanging With Friends Pulled From iTunes App Store

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Browsing through the Apple iTunes App Store tonite, one can see the typical Angry Birds offerings. In particular, we were looking for Hanging With Friends, the new offshoot of the Zynga series, for iPad. The paid version of Hanging With Friends is currently offline and not being offered for download for your Apple devices. However, the free version remains available while you wait.

Making the rounds, we have seen no mention of the situation on the official Zynga or Hanging With Friends platform locations (ie. Facebook, Twitter, etc). For an unknown reason, the full version has been taken down from the site. As soon as we find out the reasoning behind this decision, we will let you know. Stay tuned here for more details.

Thanks for the original tip from a hangingwithfriendscheat.org user (Rcqfan), who posted a comment here:
Hanging With Update Problems


  • I got the newest version of the paid app, and I’ve noticed that it shows you your opponents word before you go in to start guessing their word. In the time from when its in the waiting on opponent, to when it goes to the top to show you to watch them guess your word, it will show you the word they put in for a few seconds. This could be why they pulled it.

  • Much appreciated for the information and share!

  • There is a word ( palets ) in your dictionary that is NO WHERE to be found in the intranet but is on your cheats dictionary and is excepted in the game. Please explain why this is! It makes me want to NEVER use Zynga games again!

  • Hanging with friends stopped working. It went into a reboot sequence over & over. I deleted it, planning to reinstall. Ii had the same problem when I tried to download, iPad rebooted. A

    Then I discovered the game had been pulled from iTunes and isn’t available on Zynga. It is a shame because the game was such fun and I chatted with interesting people.I hope the bugs are fixed soon and that the game is available again.

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