Hanging With Friends Rematch Fix

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Zynga has released an update to Hanging With Friends tonight. The official update notes say: “This version fixes a bug with game creations and a bug on lower end devices.” This fix specifically address the problem that many people (lots of you post on the site in the News section comments) were having where you could not create a new game using the Rematch button.

You can download the update on iTunes and the App Store on your local iOS device.

Let us know if the fix is working for you in the comments below.


  • The fix apparently is for the paid app. The free app has not been updated and is not working as you can tell from all the recent reviews in the app store. : (

  • I cannot get back in touch with someone I’ve been playing with in England uk ever since game crashed on 4/9/12… All I have is his “game” name… Is there any way to get a hold of them? I’m broken hearted!!! Thanx

  • Why did you take away some of the characters that were available for purchase when you updated the game!? Bring them back please!!!

  • The latest update, December 2012, has “erased” the FaceBook picture of my main opponent, my husband. If I don’t sign in to FB, I get at H (For Herb Hoover), if I do, the tile that used to bear the image is blank and white.

  • was playing WORDS WITH FRIENDS with my daughter, who plays it on her phone;
    when all of a sudden i can’t get any of the games. am i doing somethin g wrong?
    Please help my get those game back

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