Hanging With Friends Server Is Busy

Jul 1, 2011   //   by admin   //   News  //  1 Comment

Getting lots of reports of the servers being busy tonight. I still haven’t updated to 4.03 or newer yet. Too many people saying that 4.04 is even crashing and hanging. I’ve got different issues tonight and it seems that a lot of you guys are dealing with the same thing. I keep either getting the alert box that says, “Server Is Busy. The game server is busy right now. Please try again in a few moments.” or else the app gets stuck on Sending and I can’t even cancel out. Hopefully these issues get resolved soon.

How are things going with your games? Everything running smoothly? What version are you running?

1 Comment

  • When I try to play this game with an opponent that just won, I touch “rematch” and then “yes” and I still can’t start a new game! This is a new problem that just began a few days ago.

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