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Thanks for stopping by Hanging With Friends Cheat.

This site is dedicated to the brand new word game app Hanging With Friends. Hanging With Friends is a combination of Words With Friends and the classic word game hangman. On your turn, you try to guess that word that your opponent has built by picking one letter at a time. You choose letters until you have either solved for the word or all your strikes are gone. Next, you are given 12 letters. You have to build a word from these 12 letters for your opponent to try and guess.

This site will help you win games with our pages that solve for words and build a word. We will also provide news, tips, videos, and even user content. Feel free to send us screen shots of your games if you’d like us to post them on our site.

Hope you enjoy the site and thanks for stopping by.

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  • There is a basic rule in “Hanging With Friends” that your solver is not taking into consideration. No word should be considered that has a vowel to the right of any vowel currently displayed. This is because Hanging With Friends gives the opponent the LAST vowel. So, for example, my wife sent the 7 letter word:

    ? ? U ? ? ? ?

    This returned 945 words and recommended an “E” as the next letter; however, only 66 of those words have an “E” to the left of the “U” already placed. But, more importantly, every single one of those words had a vowel (not considering “Y”) to the right of the “U” which is completely impossible. “E” should have had a 0.00% rank.

    Taking this simple fact into consideration, this would have returned a mere 44 words without guessing a letter. The following breakdown remains:
    a(4.55%) b(2.27%) c(6.44%) d(3.03%) e(0.38%) f(3.03%)
    g(5.68%) h(8.33%) k(1.14%) l(11.36%) m(2.65%) n(6.06%)
    o(5.30%) p(3.41%) r(6.44%) s(6.06%) t(9.09%) w(1.14%)

    This projects the next letter to be “Y”
    ? ? U ? ? ? Y
    leaving 25 words.

    “l” is projected next.
    ? ? U ? ? L Y
    leaving 12 words.

    “r” next
    R ? U ? ? L Y
    leaving 2 words

    “o” next
    R O U ? ? L Y
    leaving 2

    “d” next (50-50 chance, I assume in alphabetical order). Our FIRST mistake.
    R O U ? ? L Y
    1 word left

    Guess “g” then “h”. Word solved. 1 mistake (4 strikes left).

    Conversely, the way way the algorithm works now:

    “e” – strike 1
    “i” – strike 2
    “a” – strike 3
    “d” – strike 4

    Yes, it did solve it without running out of strikes (barely) and I don’t have an example of a word that would fail the current algorithm and pass the enhancement that I suggest, but, I bet it exists.


    -Harry D

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Hanging With Friends Cheat is an unofficial fan site for the game Hanging With Friends. You can use the Hanging With Friends Word Builder to help you build a word from the 12 letters at the beginning of your turn. Build difficult words for your opponent to try and solve. You can also use the Hanging With Friends Solver to solve for the word on your turn. Choose the number of letters in the word and enter the free first vowel that Hanging With Friends gives you. Hit the submit button and the Hanging With Friends Word Builder will show a results table with all possible words. The Word Solver also show which letter you should guess next, by showing how ofter each letter shows up in all the possible words. You won't find this feature on any other sites. You can also use the Hanging With Friends Dictionary to search and see if a word you want to play is valid and is found in the Hanging With Friends Dictionary.

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