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Zynga released Hanging With Friends on June 9th for iOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad), but they did not release it for Android on the same day.  Lots of people are up in arms that it hasn’t come out yet and are letting Zynga know what they think about it.  Hopefully it will be released for Android soon.  We all have iPhones and are able to play it, but we have lots of friends who want to get in on the Hanging With Friends action too.  Let us know what you think?  Are you on an Android device?  Do you want Hanging With Friends?  Do you play Words With Friends too? 

Check out the comments from Android users on Zynga’s feedback forum:


  • I am an android user and am dying to get this game! I play words with friends all of the time.

  • So want this app my fiance has an iPhone but I have a Droid I would love to be able to play this game with him

  • My gf has this app and plays it all the time now and i have an android and i really want it! Zynga needs to hurry up!

  • Zynga, we are waiting ! We iPhone users wanna play our Droid buddies !!!

  • sounds like market manipulation to me

  • I think zynga should be ignored by everyone they have shafted on this deal..not everyone has the stupid iphone

  • I have an iPhone and i play Words With Friends with my droid friend. I discovered Hanging with friends and i can’t play with her? C’mon! Give it to the android market!!!

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